Hapas endorsement partnership

Nothing is more important to a musician than their craft and, by extension, the tools of their trade. No partnership imaginable could therefore be more exciting than having a team of the finest luthiers create for you a beautiful new instrument to your own ideal specifications. Svartsot are therefore indescribably pleased to announce that we are entering an endorsement partnership with German luthiers, Hapas Guitars, who will soon begin the crafting of two guitars and a bass for the band.

We shall be posting pictures of the construction process from start to finish as the instruments take shape over the coming months.

This partnership is particularly apt, as looking at the guitars they make, it is hauntingly as though they had listened to our music and decided to base their entire catalogue on a visual representation everything our band stands for. They are also unique amongst guitar-builders in that Cris, Alm and James all agree how much we like them!

A massive thanks goes out to Robert, Andreas and everyone at Hapas for making this happen!