Pre-order page for Vældet now open

The official pre-order site for the new album, Vældet, is now open on our official homepage, Here you can order your copy of the new CD as an exclusive limited edition digipack CD – with some cool gifts and free shipping worldwide thrown in. You can also order the exclusive limited edition T-shirt which is only available for our fans who order the new CD directly from us!

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in buying our new album directly from us. Every penny you spend here goes towards helping to pay for recording, production and touring costs – and also helps us make the album happen!

We did not use funding platforms yet – as we were dedicated to make this and future albums happen, come hell or high water! But we do have a lot of projects that need financing, such as the upcoming tour or a new video! So please feel free to make any donation – donations of €5 and above will earn you a Svartsot loyalty card as a thank you!